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Borromini's Lantern (Saint Ivo at La Sapienza)

Dept. of Computer Science PhD Program

The department of Computer Science has a vibrant PhD program of over 40 students. Our students publish regularly in the most prestigious venues of our field, encompassing both theoretical and experimental Computer Science. Each student is mentored closely by an advisor that guides the research effort and takes responsability for the student growth. Almost all of our students receive full financial support for their work and are regularly supported with equipment and travel costs to conferences and PhD schools.
Besides individual mentorship, our program offers several opportunities for student growth. The faculty holds a series of "how-to" seminars on topics ranging from paper writing and presentation to writing research grants. Students can present their work in "brown bag" seminars where they can discuss their ideas with a wider audience to receive more varied feedback.
The PhD program also organizes various schools in collaboration with other PhD programs and international experts. We offered twice the "Great Ideas in Computer Science" school where experts discussed fundamental issues in our community. We have recently started to organize a series of "Advanced Topics Seminars" where international experts come to teach short courses on emerging themes of common interest. Overall, these programs help in rounding the students preparation outsides of their thesis topic.
Detailed information on each of these training activities can be found here: