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How to apply

Basic Documents:


Fellowships 2016-2017

The PhD program in Computer Science 2016-2017 starts on November 1, 2016. This year, we award six research fellowships to the best applicants.

Other opportunities of funding, for a total of other 4 positions, may be offered to students that will be in good position in the final ranking from professors of our Department of Computer Science. Also we are in touch with industries that may be interested in funding students under a combined university-industry PhD program (the so called "Apprendistato di alta formazione e ricerca"). After the admission exam students will be informed about these opportunities.

We particularly welcome applications from International students and from students coming from other Italian Universities.


The application procedure: Step by step

The application procedure consists of several steps. Please follow the procedure carefully. Candidates who wish to apply for a doctoral position are requested to follow this procedure.


Important dates:

  • August 1st, 2016 deadline for infostud registration, application submission, and fee payment. (details on step 1 - here below)
  • August 1st, 2016 deadline for submission of documents specified in step 2 here below.


Step 1. Apply to the university central office by following the application procedure specified in the call for applicants (ART. 3 – APPLICATIONS). Please note: application deadline is August 1st, 2016. In particular, fill and confirm on-line the application form at website:
Don't forget to pay the registration tax. Information on the steps to follow can be found here:


Step 2. Submit the following documents written in English or in Italian to the coordinator of PhD studies, email address:, (email subject: “First name and last name; Admission PhD 2016-17”):

  1. A photocopy of the applicant’s identity card or passport.
  2. 2 Certificate (or "autocertificazione" according to L. 183/2011 and DPR 445/200 in case of Italian degree) of master or other academic degree of at least 4 years attended with the final grades obtained. For foreign students, academic curriculum certificate with the declaration of validity (“dichiarazione di valore”) of the foreign degree issued by the competent Italian diplomatic representative in the Country where the academic qualification has been achieved. (We are aware that the bureaucratic process of getting the dichiarazione di valore can be long and that the document may not be available before August 1st. In case, just add a statement in your application that you will send the document as soon as you get it from the Italian Embassy or Consulate.)
  3. Academic transcripts (detailed exams, grades, completion dates, graduation date and score).
  4. Curriculum vitae.
  5. A summary (at most 3 pages) of the candidate's most recent activity in the field of computer science: typically, this will be a summary of the master's thesis. The candidate should address motivations, methodology, obtained results, original and innovative aspects of her work.
  6. A statement of research interests (at most 2 pages): this should explain the research topics that the candidate is interested in and also address the candidate's personal motivations for applying to the PhD Programme.
  7. Copies of scientific publications, if any.
  8. At most three letters of recommendation supporting the candidate.
  9. If available, Graduate Record Examinations scores (GRE Computer Science subject test) or Personal Potential Index scores. Note that our department is a GRE Designated Institution (DI). In particular, DI Code 8299 is assigned to Sapienza University Rome - Dipartimento Informatica. Please use this code number when indicating our institution as GRE score report recipient.
  10. Any other honors, awards, or qualifications, appropriately certified.

Items 1-10 can be sent by email to (transcripts can be scanned). This information (Items 1-10) must reach us by August 1, 2016 and be written in English or Italian. The maximum email size (text + documents) is 10MB (Megabytes). Larger email will be automatically discarded.

Recommendation letters must be sent by the recommenders, preferably by email to

Coordinator's mail address:

Prof. Chiara Petrioli
Dipartimento di Informatica, Sapienza Università di Roma
Via Salaria 113 (terzo piano, stanza 311)
I-00169 Roma, Italy

According to art. 2 of the Call, applications are also accepted from students who expect to complete their degree by October 31, 2016. They need to present, along with their application, a statement by their thesis supervisor declaring that he/she will complete his/her degree by the aforementioned date. This declaration replaces attachment 2 of the list above.


Selection Procedure

Admission decisions are made by a faculty Evaluation Committee. The selection procedure includes two phases:

  1. evaluation of qualifications;
  2. interview.


The candidates whose overall score in phase 1 (total for points 1–8) is larger than or equal to 40 out of 60 are short-listed, ranked according to their total qualifications merit score, and invited for an interview.

The short-list is announced by September 19, 2016, at web site:

Notification is considered as delivered through the announcement of the list. The successful applicants will receive no personal communications of their results.



The interview, in Italian or English, is aimed to assess candidates background, skills, and potential to carry on research in the scientific areas of the PhD Programme. During the interview, the evaluation Committee:

  • will ask to discuss the research statement and the personal motivations for applying to the PhD Programme;
  • will verify the background in computer science;
  • will test problem solving abilities of the candidate;
  • will conduct an in-depth discussion of the qualifications of the candidate.

The interviews will take place on September 22, 2016, 09:30AM, Seminar Room, terzo piano, via Salaria 113, 00198 Rome. Upon motivated requests sent to the PhD Coordinator, interviews of students can be done remotely using video-conferencing facilities.

The evaluation Committee assigns a score for the second phase of up to 60 points. A score of at least 40 is required for admission.

After the conclusion of the interviews, the evaluation Committee publishes at web site the final ranking, the list of candidates admitted to the PhD Programme, and the assignment of the PhD grants on the basis of assigned scores.


Final rankings

Marks received by short-listed candidates in the oral exam:

Final rankings of regular applicants

Rank Firstname Lastname Dossier Interview Total
1 Stefano Sinisi 58 58 116
2 Adriano Di Luzio 58 57 115
3 Matteo Dell'Orefice 57 56 113
4 Cristiano Massaroni 56 55 111
5 Nupur Thakker 53 56 109
6 Edoardo Carra 50 53 103
7 Valentina Pyatkin 44 55 99
8 Giacomo Paesani 48 50 98
9 Marco Bernardi 43 52 95
10 Edlira Dushku 47 47 94

All above candidates have been admitted to the PhD program provided they complete formal administrative procedures. The first six (based on sum of the two scores received) will be contacted by central offices and be offered a Sapienza scholarship. Other admitted candidates are encouraged to contact the PhD coordinator for additional opportunities.

Final ranking of article 5 applicants

Rank Firstname Lastname Dossier Interview Total
1 Tien Dat Nguyen 56 41 97
2 Saikat Saha 40 36 NOT ADMITTED

Final ranking of article 6 applicants

Rank Firstname Lastname Dossier Interview Total
1 Paolo Cretaro 55 54 109
2 Angela Pappagallo 55 53 108
3 Gabriele Gualandi 54 52 106