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Sm@rt, Short Meetings Addressing Relevant Topics in Computer Science, is the official seminar venue of the PhD School. The main purpose of Sm@rt is to give an opportunity to our students and faculty to present their research, to keep abreast with the main developments of our discipline by hosting well-known researchers from other institutions, and to foster a broader understanding of Science and the societal and economic issues that are related to it.

Sm@rt takes place on Mondays at 2:30pm.

In our department there are also several other interesting research-oriented initiatives, listed below.

Other interesting events

  • Security Reading Group: a periodic seminar for discussing research papers, emerging problems, interesting issues in computer and network security. It started between professor, researcher and phd students of Computer Science Department of University "Sapienza". Any students interested in these topics are welcome to join. This group is supervised by professor Luigi V. Mancini. Please contact Domenico Vitali for any questions.
  • Reading Group in Computational Linguistics: a reading group aimed at providing a common forum to discuss interesting research ideas and results in the field of computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing. We typically read and discuss one paper per week. The group is open to all interested students and researchers. For more information please contact Roberto Navigli.